The gss company

Successful on the market for more than 33 years

It’s very late. Your security team sees you off with a friendly smile after a particularly long day at the office. In the morning, when you enter the building again, the same security guard is still working and after a long working night welcomes you as attentively as the night before.
He gives you the first smile of the day.
This smile has not only reliably guarded your business and protected it from danger all night long, but has also put letters in envelopes, scanned freight papers and documents, and maybe even prepared the training room and provided refreshments.

gss conveys this charming image: The focus of our work is far more than your safety and the monitoring of people and buildings. Our specially trained staff will ensure that you and your company are doing well and they will simultaneously perform administrative tasks.

Precise, friendly and helpful; the gss security team protects the material and intellectual values of your business while taking care of additional tasks, thus saving you time and money.

For you this means added value at no extra cost!

The gss Gerl-Schindler Wach- und Sicherheitsdienste GmbH & Co.KG is an owner-managed, medium-sized service provider that provides personnel, technical and conceptual security services for industry, commerce, contracting authorities and private households. For over 33 years we have been synonymous with competence, reliability and quality in the areas of

  • Consulting

  • Security

  • Service

  • Safety

Nationwide, we take care of our customers and not just the safety and security of people and buildings. Our trained specialists also carry out administrative tasks for you. Added value at no extra cost!

We can create a customised security and service package through which we are always there for you.

No matter when and where you need us.
Around the clock, 365 days a year.