For greater security and efficiency

We recommend a security concept!

Our team of consultants will analyse and evaluate all the risks and vulnerabilities of your company. Based on this, we will recommend a security concept, individually tailored to your company, your staff and your technology, and we will work alongside you to implement this concept.

Our core services include:

Organisational liability of managers

with a substantiated risk assessment regarding requirements, standards and laws to which you are committed as a company, as well as recommending practical measures to minimise your risks.

Internal security

with special access and authorisation concepts to protect your sensitive business areas.

External security

with thoughtful solutions for access, entry and visitor management as well as identity and vehicle checks.

Danger prevention

with prevention measures for dangers such as bomb threats, bioterrorism, fires or natural disasters.

Emergency and crisis management

with a disaster and crisis management system for smooth communication, capacity to act and production safety in the event of kidnapping, extortion or fires.

Business protection

with security consulting and training for particularly vulnerable managers working in banks, trade, industry and SMEs.

We can also support you with sustainable concepts in the field of outsourcing, in order to secure you the best possible flexibility while optimising costs. And if you’re interested in outplacement: We are the partner for you; we provide the opportunity to integrate employees who have left your company in our security company.

AEO/Known Consignor

We ensure that your dutiable goods and air freight are handled securely in accordance with statutory provisions. From introducing legal requirements to daily actions.